• COVID-19 Response

    Bergen MakerSpace is dedicated to helping our healthcare professionals battle COVID-19.


    Currently we are only providing the Bergen I-Box and 3D Printed Ear Guards to hospitals and medical professionals.

    Please email us at: bergenmakerspace@bergen.org

    Or call (201) 343-6000 x6253 (MAKE)

    Bergen iBox

    The Bergen I-Box is an Intubation Box developed jointly between the Bergen MakerSpace and physicians from our local hospital network. The I-Box provides an additional layer of protection to frontline medical staff during and after an intubation procedure when viral exposure is at its peak. The Bergen I-Box is also being used in laboratories to help protect staff working with contagious samples. A funding campaign is now allowing us to provide these devices free-of-charge to local hospitals. To date, we have produced more than 50 I-Boxes and are in the process of ensuring that local demand for these products is being met before widening our distribution efforts. If you are a representative of a local hospital and would like to request I-Boxes for your staff, we encourage you contact us.

    3D Printed Ear Guards

    We have engaged the entire Maker Community to print the ear guards at home and drop them in our drop box outside the Bergen MakerSpace, where we will disinfect them and bag them up for delivery to hospitals, Ambulance corps and medical facilities. To date we have distributed over 8000 Bergen MakerSpace Ear-guards.

    PPE and Plexiglass Barrier

    Design, construction and installation of the protective shields for New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

    Create plexiglass barriers which can be customized to specific dimensions.