• Bergen Makers

    Meet the makers!

    Founders of the Bergen Makerspace

    The initial team of makers are comprised of educators who are experts at helping community
    members develop maker projects and/or construct Makerspaces. They work
    together to support the ongoing implementation of new maker activities that inspires the ever growing population of thinkers and tinkerers.

  • Maker Profiles

    Members of the community that are making a difference

    Michael Lemma-

    Bergen Maker/Instructor


    Michael Lemma has been teaching in the Bergen County Technical Schools District since 1994 and is the founder of the Bergen County Academies’ music program. In addition to teaching instrumental music, he also created innovative maker-style courses. In Musicians Workshop, students build guitars, mandolins, drums, and ukuleles. In Soundwave Audio Lab, students build Theremins, amplifiers, and guitar effects. Michael also offers educational presentations on sonic levitation, cymatics (Chladni plate), soldering, and non-Newtonian fluids.

    Brian Cook-

    Bergen Maker/Instructor


    Teacher at Tenafly Middle School. STEM is an innovative and exciting education community that is becoming favorites among middle school students across the country, and with major leading technology and engineering companies as well.

    I have an expansive background in many other areas besides STEM, including Wildland and Structure firefighting, working as an EMT, working for Walt Disney World to being a Technology & Science Teacher.

    Sara Reinthaler-

    Bergen Mobile Makerspace/Instructor 

    Sara Reinthaler is a long time member and instructor at the Bergen Makerspace. As the founder and director of the makerspace at The Village School since 2014, she specializes in creating Makerspace environments and classes for grades K-8. She has taught many professional development classes for educators in grades k-5 who are interested in including makerspace activities in their schools. She has also been an instructor for the Pittsburgh Fab Institute as well as a teacher at Saint Mary’s College Fine Arts Camp. Sara is a lifelong crafter and when she isn’t teaching classes or developing more fun maker projects, Sara enjoys
    woodcarving, reading, kayaking, and teaching herself the ukulele. Sara lives in North Carolina with her husband, two teenage daughters and her tiny rescue dog, Sugar.