• Professional Development Courses

    Teach Coding with the Tello Drone


    Makerspace Basic


    Arduino Intermediate


    3D Printing for your STEAM Classroom



    Come and see how 3D printing can enhance STEAM classrooms by creating physical objects from 3D models. In this workshop we will cover the basics of computer aided design through readily available freeware. Then you will learn how to use those designs to create physical objects in your classroom. No experience is necessary. This workshop is appropriate for most grade levels.

    Engage your young learners through grade appropriate makerspace projects. This workshop will cover the basic information you need to start a makerspace in your K-3 setting as well as introduce you to hands-on projects that teach science, engineering, and math. Topics will include: where to start, guided projects vs open making, volunteer training, funding and stocking your space, and safety. Come with questions to ask or experiences to share.

    Arduino is an open source microcontroller that makes the world of interactive electronics accessible to all students. In this workshop we will introduce you to the basic functions of the Arduino microcontroller and show you how you can use it to engage students in hands-on activities. The Arduino is a great way to enhance instruction in science, math, computer programming and more. No prior experience is necessary. All you need is an interest in technology and basic computer skills.

    Do you want integrate Scratch, Code.org, Lego Mindstorm or other block programming platform into your classroom? Let us help you take the first step through a combination of paperless coding activities and free online software. In this workshop we will cover the basic structures of computer programming. Then we will teach you how to use these structure to create interactive games using Scratch, a free educational tool from MIT.


    Take your STEM program to the next level by integrating Block Coding with SnapCircuits, Arduino, MakeyMakey, and other physical devices to create projects for your kindergarten through 8th grade STEM class. In this workshop you will learn how to create basic circuits that your students can control with a visual programming language like Scratch. Develop amazing interactive projects for all grade levels and bring block coding to life for your students


    Looking for an engaging and accessible Arduino project? Introduce your students in the exciting world of wearable electronics. In this class we will combine multiple maker skills as we design and sew electric circuits into hats, backpacks or anything else you can think of. Using specially designed Arduino boards and components we will show you how to program your circuit to create interactive projects that your students can wear. Some basic knowledge of the Arduino is recommended but not required for this workshop. The price includes supplies and materials for one wearables project which you will take home at the end of the session.


    Looking for an engaging Arduino project for your classroom? Come and build an autonomous rover using the Arduino, an ultrasonic ping sensor and servos. This is a great way to advance your skills in Arduino while learning how to add sensors, servos and motors to any project. Experience with basic Arduino setup and use is recommended.